Industrial Cold Ethanol Extraction

Looking to sell your CBD-rich hemp flower? Or looking for extraction and the return of your high-quality CBD crude?  Either way, we can help!

Our R5 Cold Ethanol Extractor system can handle 1500 pounds of hemp biomass, per shift.  Using cold ethanol we are able to efficiently extract the cannabinoids from hemp while leaving behind unwanted fats, lipids and chlorophyll.


Field Testing

Worried about your hemp grow staying under 0.3% THC?  Find out what’s happening in your field as it’s growing so you have the information needed to stay within legal limits.  Don’t be caught off guard when the Department of Agriculture does pre-harvest testing. We offer onsite, affordable and accurate hemp analysis that will give you immediate feedback on the state of your plants. Contact us for more info about on-site testing.

High Quality Industrial Extraction

We’ve been manufacturing separation and extraction equipment for the oil & gas industry for years, and have focused on plant material since 2015.  We know how to safely and cleanly process large amounts of hemp each day, producing high-quality CBD-rich crude oil. We provide the information you need to be successful with your hemp and how best to prepare it for maximum CBD yield.

C1D1 lab that uses an R5 cold ethanol extractor for main processing.

Next Step…

If you’re looking for a quality extraction service, or a buyer for your hemp, please contact us!  We’re here to help.
Download: Prepare Your Hemp for Extraction PDF