Whether you have one acre or a hundred, we’re here to help. Our services include:

  • EXTRACT: Process your hemp and return the crude oil to you.
  • BUY: Assess and buy high-quality hemp.
  • TEST: Provide on-site cannabinoid testing.

You Pay Us To Extract Your Hemp

We offer the best rates around for cold ethanol extraction. Depending on the moisture content and the quality of biomass, our rates will amaze you.

You supply the hemp biomass and we’ll assess it for overall quality, analyze the cannabinoid profile, and weigh it as you watch. Quality is defined by what’s in your biomass and how dry it is. Stems and branches will lower the quality. Green or partially dried hemp will also lower quality. Flower raises overall quality. Next, the price per pound is negotiated and an Extraction Agreement is signed. After extracting the cannabinoids from the biomass, the high-CBD crude oil with a complete cannabinoid profile is provided to you. Sell it, or create your own line of CBD-based products.

We buy Your Hemp

We weigh and test it, then examine your biomass for overall quality as you watch. Quality is defined by what’s in your biomass and how dry it is. Stems and branches will lower the quality as will incompletely dried hemp. Dry flower with lots of trichomes will raise overall quality since flower contains almost all of the CBDA.

We ask you to certify (in writing) that no pesticides or fungicides were used during cultivation. After testing and assessment, we’ll negotiate the price per pound and present a Buyer’s Agreement for your review and signature. Finally, we extract the CBD-rich crude and sell it on the wholesale market.

We Can Test Your Grow Before Harvest

You don’t want to be surprised when the Department of Agriculture samples your field and declares it “hot”. Better to know the percentage of THC your hemp is developing as it grows so you can adjust as needed to keep your hemp from being destroyed. We provide accurate, fast, and affordable testing that we do in your field on live plants.

Contact Us

If you’re a grower or expediter with at least 1,000 pounds of dried, quality hemp, please contact us:

– to discuss 1000+ lbs. of quality dried hemp
– to discuss your grow and schedule delivery
– to compare extraction or purchase prices
– to learn more about field testing

If email is easier, please use the contact form and tell us how we can help.